Sunday, July 22, 2018

It's Time to Plan for Unit Recruitment


Here are a few suggestions to help make your youth recruitment a success:

1. Order recruitment materials using the Online Youth Recruitment Planner

  • Distribute materials to schools, churches, and community partners your unit serves.

  • Plan early since flyers must be approved by the school district.

  • Invite families to attend

  • Plan to make a presentation at its elementary or junior high school open house. Try to secure a table in an area of high visibility.

  • If possible, secure a few minutes on the Open House agenda (the school principal and PTA President can help with this).

2. Recruitment Night is your unit’s opportunity to show off

  • Demonstrate and display your program at its best.

  • Actively involve visiting families

  • Adult leaders should be available to answer questions and help fill out application forms.

  • Distribute you unit’s annual calendar and list of contact people with their phone numbers.

  • Invite families to attend the first few unit meetings.

  • Hold a new parent orientation within a week after your Recruitment Night.

3. Determine which leadership positions need to be filled.

  • Create leader biographies and distribute copies to new families.

  • Register at least one adult in every family as a member of your unit committee. This will encourage them to become involved in your unit – and you can never have too much help.

4. Challenge each boy in your unit to bring a friend to the Recruitment Night, and also to your next meeting.

5. Finally, make sure all new boys and their parents get registered with BSA promptly.

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