Wednesday, April 26, 2017

North Star News

Outdoor Camp Cooking and District Tailgater

Calling All Units!
& Annual District Tailgater

Thursday May 4, 20176-8:30 pm

Easy Location:
Holy Spirit Church
East Parking Lot
515 South Albert Street Avenue North Star District, MN 55116

This is a North Star District participation event!
Share your skills with others!
Each Unit can participate by demonstrating a favorite recipe or cookingtechnique. (Manifold Meatloaf, Welding Torch Tacos, Garden Hose Soup)
Be creative; demonstrate some unusual method your unit uses during a campout.(Dutch Oven, Coffee Can, Solar Cooker, WD40 & Duct Tape, Hot Lava)
Encourage Scouts from your unit to participate with you.

Contact: Pat Frankenfield/frankenfive 651.587.6174


Cub Scout Advancement Changes

Cub Scout Den Leaders

Immediate attention!

The Boy Scouts of America has newly announced changes to Cub Scouting advancement intended to make the program more flexible for busy parents, den leaders and Cubmasters.

BSA has described these program changes in the following blog posts from Scouting Magazine:, official web site for program updates, can be found by control+click below or  copying the web site below and pasting into your browser.


Printing out the document will give you all the changes you may need, however it is 59 pages long.  You may be able to print out only those pages that affect your den.

You are encouraged to attend the North Star Roundtable to share your experiences and success stories with your fellow leaders Thursday January 5th, 2017 in the basement of Holy Spirit Church. 


Remember, these program changes are in effect immediately for your program use.

Greg Marthaler Campership Endowment

Greg Marthaler Campership Endowment

The Greg Marthaler Campership Endowment is a fund being created to provide annual camperships to help cover the camp costs of scouts from North Star District. Contributions are being sought to build the endowment. Please see attached brochure for information on how you can contribute.

Greg Marthaler Campership Endowment

New Cub Scout Leader Training Site
BSA has implementing a new training management system that is attached to the site (not This new training management system will slowly replace all of the existing online training. As of this writing, the new training management system is only for Cub Scout leader training. 

Please see the attached documentation for instructions on how to use the new system.

Life to Eagle Seminar Presentations Now Available

Two presentations from the May 12th, 2016 Life to Eagle Seminar are now available for your use.

PowerPoint #1

PowerPoint #2

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